29 May 2017

EntityForge.com Starts Today

Entity Forge's web presence begins today!

We're very excited by the beginning of this new phase for the project and we gradually grow our web presence (particularly in cooperation with our partner education group Linked Data Tools.

Our intention is to use this project website to make it available for download, deliver documentation to support developing data platform apps using Entity Forge, and publish the latest source code and news as Entity Forge continues to develop.

What's the next stage and milestone? We will shortly be releasing an initial alpha release aimed at early adopters, seeking feedback about whether our initial offering is as useful as we hope it is and making any changes that are required.

As it goes through a number of iterations, we'll build our way up to an initial 1.0 release which (we hope) will be awesome!

Entity Forge is made in Cambridge, UK. A project of Incisive Logic. (c) Copyright 2017 Incisive Logic. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.